Investments in large scale renewables

Industrial and commercial self-consumption

Market operation and marketing

Electric vehicles

More than 20 years of experiencee

The services are directed to electricity marketers and sizable consumers, as well as national and international investors interested in attaining investments within the energy sector in Portugal and Spain.

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Investments in large scale renewables

  • Business strategies
  • Financial model and business plan
  • Financing, energy sales strategies, and income assurance
  • Operation of assets in the markets
  • Investments/ disinvestments of electricity generation projects and assets
  • Vertical integration of generation with representation/commercialization activity and electric mobility
Market operations, representation and commercialization of electricity

  • Commercialization and representation business strategies
  • Financial model and business plan
  • Operation in wholesaler markets
  • Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) negotiations
  • Negotiation of physical and financial bilaterals
  • Implementation and/or outsourcing of processes
  • Acquisition/ sale of representation and commercializating businesses
  • Generational vertical integration, self-consumption/ distributed power generation, and energy mobility
Industrial and commercial self-consumption of public bodies.

  • Strategies and business modalities for self-consumption and distributed generation.
  • Financial model and business plan.
  • Financing, energy sales strategies, and income insurance.
  • Asset operation and surplus management
  • Vertical integration of the self-consumption / distributed generation with representation/ commercialization activity and electric mobility.
Electric mobility

  • Charging point business strategies
  • Financial model and business plan
  • Financing and energy sales strategies
  • Operations in wholesale markets
  • Implementation and/or outsourcing of processes
  • Vertical integration with generation, self-consumption/ distributed power generation and representation/ commercialization

The JQ Advisors team relies on its wide experience, having advised:

More than 20 electric energy marketers
More than 5 representatives of producers and direct consumers in the market
More than 10 electric power producers

Additionally, the JQ Advisors team has engaged in a large number of operations in the energy sector:

More than 2000 MW solar photovoltaic and Wind Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
More than 10 TWh bilateral physical and financial contracts
More than 10 M&A operations of electric power traders
More than 1000 MW operations of M&A electric energy production assets


Pepi Jiménez
With more than 12 years of experience in the energy sector, Pepi has held various senior management positions in European companies such as Alpiq y Audax Renovables, both in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Her main areas of specialization are the development and management of electricity marketers as well as market representation and self-consumption business models. Pepi has extensive experience in strategic and operational consulting, as well as in relation to themes such as in energy regulation, business processes and reorganization of companies in the energy sector. Pepi has an Executive MBA and a Masters in Energy Business.
Jaime Jaquotot
With almost 2 decades in the sector, Jaime held relevant senior management positions in different companies such as Endesa, Naturgy, Enel, ALPIQ or Audax Renovables. He has extensive knowledge of all areas of the energy sector (generation, distribution, wholesale market, trading, marketers, and efficiency) and is a benchmark in the negotiations of PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). He has leaded various PPA deal negotiations (solar and wind fields) including more than 2.000 MW of assets from photovoltaic plants and wind farms in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Additionally, he has directed various projects for the creation and development of new independent trading companies as well as new market agents for the sale of energy from IPPs (Independent Power Producers) and self-consumption business models.
Benjamín Boya
With 10 years of experience in the energy sector, Benjamin has developed his career in multinationals such as E.ON, Macquarie-Viesgo, and Repsol. Globally managing strategic accounts at the European level, negotiating key agreements regarding the supply of electricity gas, PPA (Power Purchase Agreements), selling agent services to renewable producers and energy efficiency projects such as self-consumption facilities or electric vehicles. Benjamim, in addition to being responsible for the management of the Nace Solar project, has a degree in Economics and completes is training with a degree in Psychology.
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